Do you know what you want out of your new cooling system? 

Is your air conditioner not performing efficiently as it used to? Is it approaching the 15-year mark of its lifespan?  Maybe now is the proper time to have it replaced. You might be surprised of the options you might have when you replace your old air conditioner. Having a new air conditioner or a heat pump will not only improve your comfort but also save you money through repair cost of that old equipment you and electricity savings. 

Here are some things to consider in choosing a new cooling system in your home. 


Investing in the most efficient equipment you can afford is always a great idea. Upfront cost might be higher but in the long run, you will save a lot through repairs and energy savings. A standard air conditioner today is significantly much more efficient than those equipment which are installed 10 years ago making it better to buy a new efficient air conditioner that using your old but less efficient one.  

Air conditioner or heat pump?  

Have been using air conditioner lately? You might want to consider switching to a heat pump. Heat pumps are great if you are experiencing all kinds of weather. It is particularly handy on fall evenings and cool spring, in these times that it is too cool for the use of air conditioner and not cool enough that you will need a gas furnace. The use of heat pumps is much more efficient method than other electric heating methods of heat transfer or heat creation.  

Indoor air quality 

Do you have sniffles every year? Or having that feeling like you can’t escape allergies when you are indoors? If you are prone to allergies, you might want to consider having an indoor air cleaner product like an air purifier or an electronic air cleaner added to your HVAC system. 

Outdoor unit placement 

Installation of your heating or cooling system should be performed by professionals in order to be sure that it is place and installed properly, it matters greatly on where you are placing your equipment like for your condenser, placing it too close to your home or having plants near it will prevent the proper flow of the air and also make it hard for the repair technicians to do the repair just in case or maintain your system. Having a restricted air flow of the condenser will make it harder for the air conditioner to cool your home which will result of increasing electricity usage. Placing your air conditioner in direct sunlight will also make it hard for your air conditioner to perform its purpose efficiently. So, make sure to ask your contractor about the correct placement of your new heating and cooling system. 

If you are not sure about the condition of your current air conditioning system you have, if it can make it through the hot summer, make sure to contact your air conditioning frederick md for proper evaluation of the system. Have a scheduled maintenance to avoid further damage of your system if there is any to avoid costly emergency repair.  

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